An idea of how to use your favorite CD as a training tool, to simulate a bit of pressure… Take you favourite CD, tape an air rifle target on top of it (centre precisely!), and fire away. Just make sure that the pellet goes clean through the centre hole in the CD…

And look: there’s plenty of margin available.

The hole in the centre is 15 mm. Effectively, for air rifle 10m this means that you have to shoot better than 8.9.  So just shoot a 9 or better. So don’t shoot an 8. Don’t even think about shooting an 8.

So how hard is this anyway. The probability that you will ‘hit the hole’ with a single shot can be calculated as a function of your performance level (expressed as your mean score on a 60-shot match using integer scoring). The relationship is shown below.

So if you normally make around 500 points, you might as well flip a coin. And if you normally shoot over 580, it is in fact too easy for you.

For multiple shots on the same CD the graph below shows the survival probability of the CD as a function of the number of shots fired and the performance level of the shooting athlete.