On Wednesday 24 January, the H&N Cup 2024 has really started. Hundreds of shooting athletes from all over the world are competing in Munchen, Germany, at the famous Olympia-Schießanlage.

In the booth where the BASE system was shown, everybody could give it a try.

Also we have organized the famous BASE “Standing Still" competition.  On Day 3 we have seen some strong new competitors: not surprising when you know that some of these already are training on the BASE system at their home range!  However, on Day 4, Australia came along. And their team member Emily Cane was the winner, having the most stable stance of all participants.  So the bag of cookies and sweets were for her!

Jeroen handing over the prize to Emily 

In the table below you can read all scores that the participants realized. 

The “L" is the length of the trace that their center of pressure moved during one second. 

RankDateNameCountryDisciplineCategoryL (mm)
*127/JanEmily CaneAustraliaAir RifleWomen Junior2.8
224/JanLeyli AliyevaAzerbaijanAir PistolWomen Junior3.8
326/JanAmanda PettersenNorwayAir RifleWomen Junior4.4
427/JanAngie WangAustraliaAir RifleWomen Junior4.6
526/JanZhekaiSingaporeAir RifleMen Junior4.9
625/JanLeonie MautzLiechtensteinAir RifleWomen5.2
726/JanYi WeiSingaporeAir RifleWomen Junior5.2
826/JanPoul Lamhauge DenmarkAir RifleMen5.3
925/JanVladislav K.AzerbaijanAir PistolMen Junior5.4
1025/JanAlma Mussan LevyIsraelAir RifleWomen Junior5.4
1124/JanElvinAzerbaijanAir PistolMen5.5
1226/JanVanessaSingaporeAir RifleWomen5.9
1327/JanMatilda EylanderAustraliaAir RifleWomen Junior6.1
1426/JanJoao CostaPortugalAir PistolMen6.1
1526/JanFaitheSingaporeAir RifleWomen Junior6.1
1626/JanTrang Hong AnSingaporeAir RifleMen Junior6.1
1725/JanAleksa RakonjacSerbiaAir RifleMen Junior6.6
1826/JanEstonSingaporeAir RifleMen Junior6.7
1926/JanTessa LambrechtsBelgiumAir RifleWomen Junior6.8
2025/JanLorena VanoniLiechtensteinAir RifleWomen7.0
2124/JanOfri AnatiIsraelAir RifleMen7.1
2225/JanIva RakonjacSerbiaAir RifleWomen Junior7.2
2326/JanMatteo MastrovalerioItalyAir PistolMen Junior7.5
2427/JanCharlotte BlandAustraliaAir RifleWomen Junior7.5
2525/JanLihi Naama RabiIsraelAir RifleWomen Junior7.6
2625/JanIsabelle JohanssonSwedenAir RifleWomen7.6
2725/JanLarissa VanoniLiechtensteinAir RifleWomen8.1
2825/JanMira Biat.HungaryAir RifleWomen8.3
2926/JanSebastian JohnsenNorwayAir RifleMen Junior8.9
3025/JanHoshen ZuntzIsraelAir RifleMen Junior9.0
3124/JanEgidijaLtuAir RifleWomen Junior9.3
3224/JanJustinaLithuaniaAir RifleWomen9.6
3325/JanAdam PivnerIsraelAir PistolMen Junior11.3
3424/JanRasulAzerbaijanAir PistolMen11.3
3526/JanJillianSingaporeAir RifleWomen Junior11.8
3624/JanVilteLithuaniaAir RifleWomen Junior13.5
3727/JanZeynabAzerbaijanAir PistolWomen Junior23.7