On February 2-4, 2023,  InterShoot 2023 was held in The Hague, The Netherlands. BASE was present for demonstrations and the  famous “Standing Still" competition. The results from the 3-day international shooting match are now on-line

On Saturday, the BASE system was demonstrated. Also, the famous “BASES Standing Still" competition was being held.  Throughout the day, anybody could stand on the BASE plate and simply stand as still as possible.  

Manon Smeets was not able to maintain her place on the podium. Instead, Air Pistol shooter Felipe Wu from Brazil won the overall match, with an astonishing mean score of 3.2 mm!

Rank Name Country Discipline Category L  (mm)
1 Felipe Almeida Wu Brazil Air Pistol Men 3.2
2 Andersen, Stine NL Air Rifle Women 3.4
3 Bertie Galloway Scotland Air Rifle Men 5.0
4 Guimont, Alain Canada Air Pistol Men 5.2
5 Brackman Anceline France Air Rifle Women Junior 5.3
6 Wendy Burggraaf NL Air Rifle Women 5.6
7 Palmer-Jones, Courtney British Shooting Air Rifle Women 5.7
8 Elhage, Philip Aruba Air Pistol Men 5.8
9 Carapinha, Tiago Portugal Air Pistol Men 6.2
10 D’hoye, Wouter Belgium – Vlaanderen Air Pistol Men 6.7
11 Manon Smeets NL Air Rifle Women 7.8
12 Krakowka, Sasha Canada Air Rifle Women Junior 7.9
13 Rosane Sibele Budag Brazil Air Pistol Women 8.2
14 Krakowka, Sasha (no shoes) Canada Air Rifle Women Junior 8.3
15 Yvette Young Canada Air Rifle Women Junior 8.6
16 Ilse in ‘t Groen NL Air Rifle Women 10.6
17 Tom Diggle Scotland Air Rifle Men 10.9

Felipe Wu receiving his prize in the BASE Standing Still competition from Jeroen Hogema