On February 3, BASE has visited Intershoot 2024: the annual international shooting competition for Air Pistol and Air Rifle, held in The Hague, the Netherlands. The BASE system was demonstrated for all competitors, trainers, coaches and visitors.

Of course, we also organized the classical BASE “Standing Still" competition. Anybody could stand on the BASE platform and simply stand as still as they could. 

This year, the winner was, representing Canada, Emily Yang!  So the prize (consisting of a bag of Dutch cookies, stroopwafels and drop) was all hers. 

RankNameCountryDisciplineCategoryL [mm]
1Yang, EmilyCanadaAir RifleWomen Junior4.8
2Qi, Yumei (No shoes)CanadaAir PistolWomen Junior6.1
3Phillip LiebrechtGermany NssvAir PistolMen Junior6.1
4Guenther, Sarah ChristinaGer - HsvAir PistolWomen6.4
5Qi, YumeiCanadaAir PistolWomen Junior6.5
6Jan Luca KarstedtGermanyAir PistolMen Junior6.8
7Kilian EhlersGermanyAir PistolMen Junior7.4
8Hejia Wang (pistol stance)CanadaAir PistolMen Junior8.1
9Elise MutsaersNetherlandsAir RifleWomen Junior8.2
10Michele EsercitatoCanadaAir PistolMen9.3
11Hejia Wang (arms relaxed stance)CanadaAir PistolMen Junior9.8
12Verbist, ShaneReflexshooting Team EUAir PistolMen14.8